80's Movie Trivia 3.3

80's Movie Trivia 3.3

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(512k): 04 m 26 s
(1Mb): 02 m 13 s
(2Mb): 01 m 07 s
(5Mb): 27 s
(10Mb): 14 s

Game Features:
- 100's of 80's Movie Trivia
- Animated Graphics and Sound Effects
- WiFi Multiplayer
- Challenge Mode and Unlock-ables

Ahh...the 80's. Hair was high, and jeans were stonewashed. Reagan was president, and David Hasselholff's alcoholism was known only to his talking car. Most importantly, the movies were, like, totally radical! This games tests your film knowledge of that most awesome of decades. Who was Indy's sidekick in the Temple of Doom? What was E.T.'s favorite candy? Why shouldn't you expose a magui to water? Travel back in time without a DeLorean, and see how much of an 80's film expert you are.

80's Movie Trivia is loaded with your favorite movie fun.
Changes: * Updated for the new iOS
* New Graphics and Sound Effects

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