Action Adventure Ninja vs Mutant Dragon Skeleton Clan 1.1

Action Adventure Ninja vs Mutant Dragon Skeleton Clan 1.1

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(512k): 07 m 32 s
(1Mb): 03 m 46 s
(2Mb): 01 m 53 s
(5Mb): 46 s
(10Mb): 23 s

Run, jump and shoot the evil mutant ninjas from the Dragon Skeleton Clan and mighty ex-military assassins.

Collect magical dragon balls that will help you uncover your friends with powers to help you.

Exciting game features:

***** Multiplayer game - compete with your Facebook friends or others
***** Chance to collect and unlock super cool characters
***** Amazing HD graphics
***** Rare items to collect to unlock your characters!
***** Never get bored endless variation for dynamic gameplay!
***** Kids mode - easier to play

Be the hero and save us!

Start now.
Changes: * multiplayer
* power ups

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