Age of Castles Free Trial 1.9

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Age of Castles Free Trial 1.9 is a strategy game developed by Anarchy Entertainment. Anyone who likes medieval age and strategy games will love this game. In it we control a castle and its peasants. The aim of the game is to convert 1 billion people to win the game. Each day we must decide how many of our peasants will do each job. The jobs available are merchants, builders, clerics and soldiers. Merchants will make us earn gold, builders will make our castle bigger, clerics will help to convert more people and soldiers will defend our castle and make us strong in battles. We must take into account that the more people we have, the bigger our castle will be, and the bigger castle we have the more gold we can hold. At the beginning of the game we must choose our king between five different options. Each of these kings have different features and attributes. Age of Castles Free Trial 1.9 is a full featured time limited demo version. This demo version of the game will expire after 60 minutes playing. In we want to keep playing, we should buy the full version, available at the developer's page.

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