Age of Sail II v1.0

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portrays real-time naval warfare with 3D realistic sailing and combat. Naval combat makes its glorious return in Age of Sail II. Age of Sail II accurately illustrates the mighty fighting ships from 1775 to 1820. Battle the great navies of 11 nations for supremacy on the high seas. You'll captain the most memorable sailing ships in history, from the Constitution to the Victory and over a thousand ships in between.There are over 1200 historical warships are represented, all beautifully rendered in meticulous 3-dimensional detail. Advance from Ensign all the way to Admiral of the fleet in both the American and British campaigns. Detailed, branching storylines reach all around the world. There are over 100 historical scenarios - from Copenhagen and the Battle of the Nile, to Trafalgar, Cape St. Vincent and Camperdown, just to name a few. A full floating 3D camera enables precision control of your fleet. Lush 3D coastal landscapes provide tactical obstacles and defensive havens. Reinforced cannonry forts serve as stalwart defenses-- capable of bombarding the enemy into oblivion. There is even support for up to 16 player multiplay over the Internet.

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