Allure Sunset Screensaver 1.0

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Sunset is maybe the most peaceful hour of the day. It marks the transition from day to night and the beginning of rest and leisure. This screensaver allows you to convey all those feelings to your desktop. It features a nice photo of a sunset at the beach, complete with a reasonably realistic effect of moving sea waves and a set of sound effects. The program has a control panel from which you can modify its settings. For example, you can control the image size and the speed and quality of the animated effect. Also, it is possible to show or hide the clock when the screensaver is active. If you choose to show it, the control panel lets you decide in which corner of the screen you want to do so. Although the program's sound effects are quite good, you can set them off and create a playlist with your favourite songs to play along with the screensaver. Despite of being a good screensaver, it has a big drawback. When installing it, the wizard forces you to install the ScreensaversList toolbar and to change your Web browser's startup page in order to complete the installation. You can uninstall the toolbar and undo the change any time, but this can be annoying. If you don't mind these disadvantages, then you may want to try this program.

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