Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree Free 1.1

Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree Free 1.1

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These three just love to shop... seriously. Join Cameron BeeAzz, Lucy Foo and Drew Harrymore - in Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree.

These women will stop at nothing to get their shopping done, and their enemies are trying to do whatever they can to stop them! Play as Cameron BeeAzz, Lucy Foo or Drew Harrymore in this addictive, 2D platformer! Do not underestimate your enemies, they know this shopping has gotten out of hand and they have teamed up to stop you!

Our celebrities must get their Bapple and Prata products... or else. Because to be honest, who knows what would Cameron, Lucy and Drew be without shopping? In this fast-paced, addictive game you must help our heroines fight their way through the waves of enemies, collect coins and run for their shopping spree lives!

Cameron BeeAzz, Lucy Foo and Drew Harrymore are all girls that just love to shop... I mean, who can blame them? Theyre rich and they have money to lose... however, this once harmless trait has become an addiction! For enemies have been put to the task of stopping them... from shopping!

You must help Cameron, Lucy and Drew to become the Queens of shopping, you must jump oncoming enemies and collect as many coins as possible. However, you do not start with all three characters - but you must unlock them as you progress through the game. Our heroines are in trouble and you must save them from their defeat... the future of shopping counts on you!

Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree is comedic, fun and a great game for the whole family. The parody style of the game will keep you entertained for hours on end - great for any trip, time of boredom and just anytime you have a minute to spare.

Girls just wanna have fun... but maybe theyre having too much!

The shopping world depends on you! Welcome to the world of Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree!

Play as Cameron BeeAzz, Lucy Foo or Drew Harrymore!
Unlock all three characters as your progress through the game!
Collect coins in this seemingly endless platformer!
Select Kids Mode for family-friendly endless gameplay!
Upgrade to remove ads for uninterrupted gameplay!
Jump your enemies whilst being weighed down by your heavy shopping bags!

Changes: New and improved Angry Fun Run Shopping Spree experience based on customer feedback:
2 Brand New Characters
Improved Gameplay
Bug Fixes

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