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PG Social Networking Software on PHP JUN-2008
Social Networking package for your own Social Network. Multi administration system! Multilanguage interface, User account feature, Banners, Searches, Tags, Events, Clubs, Blogs, Chats, Photo/Video galleries. Support. Hosting. Customization. Updates.
Roommate Finder Solution AUG.2011
Incredibly easy to set up and use solution for placing and searching commercials on rooms rent, administration of the rent advertisements and searching for apartments.
Ready Mortgage Site Solution JUN.2008
Establish a web presence and make your origination easier with Mortgage solution. Get a ready web site with calculators, application forms and manage everything with easy-to use administrative panel. Calyx and Fannie Mae compatible.

ApPHP Online Medical Appointment script 3.0.0

ApPHP Online Medical Appointment script 3.0.0
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ApPHP Medical Appointment is online doctor, therapist appointment and medical clinic site PHP script. This Appointment System is an application for handling doctors appointments. It enables patients to book an appointment using web-based interface, and administrator of the clinic is able to approve/reject the appointment. Site visitors can perform search by doctor specialty and/or doctor name, view doctor availability and book appointments. Administrator can view and manage the appointments. Site Visitors: - choose a specialization; - choose a doctor form the list; - clicking the date and time for an appointment; - enter personal information; - can browse through doctors profile and read information regarding their specialty. Administrator: - manage specialization; - manage doctors; - manage doctors schedules; - manage doctors time offs; - manage appointments; - appointments statistics

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