ARK: The App 1.0.0

ARK: The App 1.0.0

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ARK: The App has been designed to support and enhance the Universal Games board game release, ARK: The Great Race. Make sure you have this app handy when you are playing the game. It REALLY brings the board game to life!

ARK: The App includes the following features:


Set the duration of your game play depending on the number of participants. When the time gets down to 10 minutes the thunder start! And when theres only 5 minutes left the storm clouds start to close in as the great flood comes.


The app includes a 6 minute instructional video that shows you how to setup and play the game. This is an excellent way to get everyone up to speed real quick giving you more time to play the game rather than reading the rule book! Of course we still include a rule book with the actual game.


One of the great thing about ARK: The Great Race is all of the cool animals and animal facts. All of these animals and their facts have been included in the interactive FACTS section of the app. This is a great way to get up to speed on the animals used in the game. The more you know about these animals, the better your chance of winning the game!


The app also includes a direct link to the ARK: The Great Race website and Facebook page.

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