Ask Uncles 1.0

Ask Uncles 1.0

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Ask Uncles is the perfect, easy-to-use app for a quick, reliable method of discovering the value of your scrap gold and gold silver or platinum jewellery and the loan value if you need a pawnbroker loan. Ask Uncles has been developed for Uncles Money, a family run pawn business in Birmingham, West Midlands.

If you have an item youd like to sell or pawn, the Ask Uncles app makes sure you get top value for your valuables.

You can also use Ask Uncles to find the loan value of other valuable items such as antiques, coins, artwork and more!
The app is available to use wherever you go! Its fast, accurate and updated every hour to track the latest gold, platinum and silver spot prices.

By using the Ask Uncles app, you can realise the maximum value of your valuable items like scrap gold, silver and platinum, at the same time comparing what your local pawnbroker will offer for the same items!

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