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Leonardo da Vinci Wallpapers 1.0
Bring Leonardo da Vinci art to your computer desktop! Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian High Renaissance painter and scientist, an all-round genius whose paintings and inventions changed the world...
Active Wallpaper Changer 3.80
Tired of boring desktop wallpaper? Would you like an adjustable calendar highlighting important dates on your desktop? Want to download new wallpapers from the Internet? Then Active Wallpaper Changer is for you!
Garden [AD] 5.07
"Garden" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Garden"! This is a beautiful garden. You will see the a white swan and many.

Attack of the Y2K Bug 1.1

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Watch the comical, cartoon rendering of the "Y2K Bug&quot\; as he wreaks havoc on your system. From time to time the bug comes out dressed like famous movie characters, to destroy your desktop in a very amusing fashion. Undoubtedly, you've heard about the "Y2K Bug&quot\; -- the computer glitch that was supposed to cause problems after the date hits the year 2000. Now you can watch the Y2K Bug come to life in this comical, cartoon representation, "Attack of the Y2K Bug Screen Saver". Watch the bug as he wreaks havoc on your desktop, slicing, dicing, and chopping it to pieces. From time to time the bug comes out dressed like famous movie characters, to destroy your desktop in a variety of very amusing ways. The full version contains additional spoof characters, and more animation. It is available for only $9.95.

Meyer's Butterflyfish Wallpaper matched in SoftList
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Attack of the Creeps 1.4 -  According to the experts, Attack of the Creeps is a tower defense game, and the objective is to stop a group of nasty creatures from invading your land. It was developed by Galago Games, and is an original game with a tense and thrilling gameplay. ... (10/0) download
Attack of the Giant Leeches 1.2.1 -  Attack of the Giant Leeches is a low-budget 1959 science fiction film from American International Pictures. It was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, produced by Gene Corman and the screenplay was written by Leo Gordon. The film is in black and ... ... (14/0) download
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Math Wars : Attack of the Numbers 3.0.1 -  Defend your base using your math skills against waves of alien spaceshipsMath Wars: Attack of the numbers is an action packed game to help you improve your computing ability while having lots of fun. It is 2764 A.D. You are the captain of base ... ... (0/0) download
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Emoji Blast: The Emoticon Shooter Game 1.2 -  Look out! It's the attack of the Emoji!Blast your way through the emoticons with one of five different emoji cannon shooting characters. Collect gold coins and unlock new weapons to shoot in your emoji cannon. Clear the screen of all the ... ... (4/0) download