Baha'i Songbook free 1.3

Baha'i Songbook free 1.3

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This is the free sample app version of the printed songbook, "On Wings of the Soul" by Elaine Losey and Beth King-Mock. It contains easy-to-navigate indices and the ability to bookmark your favorite songs for easy reference. This free version only contains a subset of the many songs available in the full paid version.

"On Wings of the Soul" is a collection of over 130 Bahai inspired songs collected over 40 years of traveling the world. Included for each song is the music score, words, chords and guitar fingering. The book is invaluable for community singing, Bahai study circles, individual inspiration, childrens classes, holy day celebrations and devotional meetings. Included is a wide variety of songs: new compositions, those that still inspire the heart after many years of singing, songs of the Bahai Holy Writings put to music, songs for children, rounds, echo songs, choral music, and some songs in non-English languages from all continents.
Changes: Exciting new feature: Ability to download and play a Grand Piano audio track for the songs to help users learn the melodies easily.

This update also includes the addition of 5 more songs that should be familiar to many.

Updates: cont

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