BanBanDice2 1.1

BanBanDice2 1.1

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Halloween Surprise! Limit for free ~YA~

Introducing BanBanDice2, the 1st 3D model, interchangeable face, real scene, blasting and particle effects surrounded dice game! Free for limited time!!


Main Feature

3D!! Incorporate 3D model dice!
Customizable!! Allow user to change face(s) of a dice with photos from camera/photo album
Real! Incorporate real scene into the background! ( Camera support only. )
Shiny!! Cool particle effects!
Boom!! Touch the screen for blasting effects!
Fun!! You can touch the screen or just shake it!
Orbit!! Just rotate your iOS and change any view you want to see the dice!

Thank you for purchasing BanBanDice2! We welcome your feedback on it.

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BanBanDice2 !

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Changes: Smaller the file size