Battle Dots FREE 1.01

Battle Dots FREE 1.01

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The fun, classic strategy game where 1-4 players battle by taking turns connecting any two dots on a grid with the goal of creating the most point-scoring boxes!

Every time a box is created, not only does the player creating the box score a point but it allows that player to take another turn. Get on a roll and earn more boxes and extra bonus points! The winner is the player who has created the most boxes before all the dots on the playing field have been connected.


Mr. Game has been practicing his Battle Dots skills and is ready to take you on in versus mode! Players can challenge up to 3 automated opponents to see if they can beat Mr. Game at his own game.

User selectable difficulty levels (for Easy, Medium and Hard) provides variable challenge for players of all ages. Let us know if you can beat Mr. Game on the hardest setting!

Tap a player corner to sign in human or computer bot opponents. You can even set up all four players to play under Mr. Games control and see who wins: Mr. Game or Mr. Game!


For players looking to quickly find their best move now you can just ask Mr. Game! Tapping the HINT button will cause the players best move (as decided by Mr. Game) to light up on the board up to three times per game!

Designed exclusively for the iPad
Now 1 - 4 Players
Classic Connect-The-Dots game play fun without the pen and paper
Customizable playfield with 4 to 100 boxes

Thank you to everyone whose tried the game and posted reviews!!! We appreciate your trying the game and letting us know if youre having fun! We are planning future updates to include:
New battle scenarios
Accelerated Play to start the game after 10-40% of the board has been strategically played by computer
New Playfields and Game Themes
WiFi and Bluetooth Multiplayer Support


Try out other A Mister Game games by visiting our website:
Changes: Now pausing the game when an ad is clicked.

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