Biggest Little Adventure Game 3.0

Biggest Little Adventure Game 3.0
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See the world through a different perspective in Biggest Little Adventure, an epic journey of tiny proportions! This Hidden Object game begins as a courier named Louis delivers a package to New Yorker Ruby Benson from her uncle in London. During the delivery, something seems to spill out of the mysterious package, causing Louis to shrink to the height of a wine glass!

Join Ruby and the miniaturized Louis on a worldwide search for the only possible cure. As you travel the world you must search through countless items. Occasionally you will need to set aside some of the objects you collect for special use, either in the current scene or later in the game. You might even need to combine several objects to form tools that will help you get further in the game. Can you help Ruby and Louis find the cure before Louis's condition becomes permanent?

Download Biggest Little Adventure for FREE and enjoy:

* Experience an unbelievable Hidden Object adventure around the world.
* Join two unlikely heroes searching for the cure to a mystical shrinking potion.
* Scour areas and solve puzzles while switching between tall and tiny perspectives.
* Use individual skills to complete the remarkable journey.

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