Bird Bot 1.03

Bird Bot 1.03

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(512k): 02 m 34 s
(1Mb): 01 m 17 s
(2Mb): 39 s
(5Mb): 16 s
(10Mb): 08 s

Control a flying bike to fly a long distance.
You can fly!!

[How to play]
1. Choose an oil can.
-The more expensive oil can, the more quantity of oil.

2. Avoid obstacles when flying!
-Your bike gets damage when you fail to avoid obstacles in the air.
-Control the lever on the bottom left of the screen to avoid obstacles.
Obstacles: Bird, Flying balloon, Plane

3. Get recovering items to fly a long distance!
-Pick up recovering items. Each item has different effects.
Oil can: Refueling
Tool: Recovering durability
Accelerator: Temporary speed-up

The game ends when your bike is submerged in water or ether fuel or durability is gone.
The farther distance you fly, the more prize money you get.

Use your prize money to buy parts and customize your flying bike.
-The key to choose parts is focusing on three status.
-Achieve a good balance between the following three status.

Speed: Flying speed
Durability: Bike durability
Mobility: Lever maneuverability

The game supports ranking.
Fly to the top!
Changes: - Fixed Bugs.

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