BlackSite: Area 51 1.0

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Aliens strike again in the aftermath of Area 51, entitled Blacksite: Area 51, this new game will improve everything seen in the previous version, showing action from Iraq to Nevada, in an alien invasion, where you will be responsible for the stopping of the plague. Blacksite: Area 51is developed by Midway Austin and published by Midway. In contrast to its predecessor, this version does not take place in those mysterious installations of the Area 51. The plot of this new game will take us from the Iraq desert to a village taken by an alien invasion in Nevada, and passing by the Area 51 as well. This implies a much more varied development than in the first part alternating quite extensive indoor and outdoor battles being that one of the not so good spots presented in the first Area 51. In Blacksite: Area 51, team component is very important presenting the fight in squads. What comes to AI, it has been improved and we can see a more realistic behavior of colleagues who support us during the shootings in several sections of the story. In this first-person shooter video game, there are also some very interesting details which must also be described as certain elements of destructible scenarios, and the alien enemies large size and animations which are amazing. The visual issue is undoubtedly the best part of BlackSite: Area 51. Nice graphics, however, is very important regarding performance and stability (in terms of the rate of images per second). The sound is another thing that achieves a remarkable note, thanks to a very good score, and to powerful sound effects.

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