Bonkers 1.0

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Bonkers - Bonkers is based on the Disney TV series of the same name. Bonkers is a bob-cat police officer. One day, he reads in a newspaper that a contest for the best policeman is announced. Since his partner is away, Bonkers decides that would be the best opportunity to grab the first prize. In order to win the contest, Bonkers has to catch four famous criminals. As cool cop Bonkers D. Bobcat you have four cases to crack. In the first case you must try and put Ma Tow Truck out of business. As you maneuver in your car down the busy freeways, you'll be barraged by a gang of bad freeway drivers. To clear them off the road, you can bash them with your car, shoot them with gum wads, or spread oil slicks in their paths. When all the cars are totaled, it's time to face Ma herself. Case number two takes place in a junkyard.

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