Breaker (Retrobit) 1.1

Breaker (Retrobit) 1.1

Download: Download Site 1
(512k): 04 m 16 s
(1Mb): 02 m 08 s
(2Mb): 01 m 04 s
(5Mb): 26 s
(10Mb): 13 s

***************** * * Breaker * * * ***************** (Retrobit) *********************************

* * * * * * * * -> (Target) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * -> (Block) *
* * * * * * * * ->(Paddle) *

Breaker (Retrobit) is a classical 1 Bit brick Breaking game. The 1 Bit animations are really mind blowing and quiet a real challenge.

The challenge is very simple, all you have to do is to move the 1 Bit paddle right and left to bounce the 1 Bit Brick back to blast the bricks.

Dont allow the 1 bit Brick to touch the floor. You need to clear the array of brick in the screen by bouncing the brick ball back.


1.1 Bit Animation
2.Retro look of the 80s
3.Cool sound and graphics
4.Great gameplay
5.Amazing time pass game
Changes: * Tested on iOS7.

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