BudgetVoip 1.09

BudgetVoip 1.09

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(512k): 02 m 32 s
(1Mb): 01 m 16 s
(2Mb): 38 s
(5Mb): 16 s
(10Mb): 08 s

BudgetVoip offers the cheapest rates for your international calls!

BudgetVoip is a free application which enables you to save money on your international phone calls. Simply install the BudgetVoip application and start calling friends and family at the cheapest rates in the market, some examples:

Bangladesh Mobile 0.035 usd
Brazil Mobile 0.04 usd
India Mobile 0.008 usd
Pakistan Mobile 0.01 usd
And many more

BudgetVoip operates over multiple internet connection options (3G, WiFi, GPRS, Edge, UMTS) directly from one integrated contact list. Install BudgetVoip now and start making cheap international 3g calls and WiFi calls today; no need for expensive calling plans anymore!
Changes: Overhaul In-App Purchase process to prevent various issues when buying credit