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Bygfoot Football Manager 2.3.2 Beta 1.0

Bygfoot Football Manager 2.3.2 Beta 1.0

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Bygfoot is a football (a.k.a. soccer) management game. It is an original concept by Gy+Az+A Both and has been improved with suggestions by players from all over the world. After Gy+Az+A and later Mark Lawrenz left the project Ronald Sterckx took over and is currently developing and maintaining Bygfoot.

Bygfoot allows you to manage a team by training the players, buying and selling them, contracting loans, maintaining the stadium, etc. You can be promoted or relegated, even become a champion if youOCOre a skillful manager.

The game is deliberately kept simple (though not easy): you only have to keep one eye at your players and another at your stadium.

You can customise Bygfoot by writing your own country definition files or by creating your own team definition files.
Release notes: New Release<br/>TE added Turkish translation, news and hints (thanks to Cem Uykun)
TE updated Turkish player names, commentaries (thanks to Cem Uykun)
TE added Greek translation, news and hints (thanks to Ilias Makris)
TE added Swedish news and updated Swedish translation (thanks to Daniel Nylander)
TE updated greek, italian, romanian, chinese translation
TE updated Danish translation and hints (thanks to Joe Dalton)
TE added Danish news file (thanks to Joe Dalton)
TE added more meaning to autosave filenames (user, country etc.)
TE added W-L-D and cup round robin rank info to the next opponent view
TE added possibility to edit player names in the second player list
TE corrected some supercup definition errors which resulted in crashes
TE foul probabilities in the live game are more sophisticated now
TE added a simple GUI for editing Bygfoot constants in the preferences (enabling users to fine-tune the game)
TE there is an option to store the order of your team, this order will be restored after a match <br/> [ Bygfoot Football Manager full changelog ]

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