C Pic Guess Words 1.1

C Pic Guess Words 1.1

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(10Mb): 29 s

***** Most addictive game on appstore for free *****
Here comes extremely addictive "C Pic Guess Words" game for you.
See the picture and guess it from the 4 words (options) given.

******* FEATURES *******
- More than 3000 question.
- 3 lives everytime you play a new game
- 5 categories (Celebrity, Movies, Places, Flags, Cars)
- 3 Lifeline.
- 50-50: Eliminate 2 option
- Double Dip: You get to choose 2 anwsers
- Flip: Switch the question
- Facebook integration: Ask your facebook friend if you need help
- Highly addictive
- Endless fun

Please write to us at support@demansol.com for feedback/suggestion.

Changes: Fixed minor bugs

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