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cacheCopy Portable 2.0.1

cacheCopy Portable 2.0.1

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Publisher: trailmax
License: Freeware
Size: 348.0 KB
Date added: 2013-05-15
Downloads: 20
Downloads - Last week: 0

cacheCopy portable is a little application for ripping images from your browser cache into a folder on your drive.
All the images that are displayed in your browser are stored somewhere on your hard-drive (unless you use private browsing in Firefox, Chrome or IE). You can access these images yourself if you know where to look for. But youOCOll need to sort the files into images, text and other media, add file extensions to images and sort them. Or you can use cacheCopy application that will copy images from browser cache into a folder on your drive.

Another use of this tool is to sort your image collection - remove images smaller that a certain resolution or file-size. Just point "Manual Selection" folder to your image collection, set target folder and set the filter. Or rename images using their date of creation in the name.


Detects cache locations for most of the browsers
You can point the application to YOUR folder with images to sort out image collection.
Allows filtering images by age
Filtering images by resolution and file size
Supports JPG, GIF, PNG
Supports deleting files from browser cache.
Custom file names and file name builder
Application updater. Installes new version when it is available.
Easter egg included.

OS: WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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