Call of Duty HD Wallpapers 1.2

Call of Duty HD Wallpapers 1.2

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HD Wallpapers for Call of Duty game! Pimp and customize your Screen now! Awesome Best Selected wallpapers for COD! Best to craft your screen! Thousands of wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Including regular and retina wallpapers! Designed for COD game fans! Unique COD style wallpaper!

- Easy to save and set wallpapers
- Share wallpapers with friends by eMail, Facebook, twitter!
- New wallpapers added everyday!
- Beautiful user interface
- Fast loading
- Beautiful windows thumbnail show
- Brand new style wallpapers for COD

New wallpapers for COD are added now and then for FREE!

1. This app need network connection, it is better to work under high-speed wifi network. These wallpapers can not be displayed or displayed very slow if network is slow.
2. How to load more wallpaper? Drag up will load more wallpapers.
3. How to get and use a wallpaper? Tap and select the wrallpaper thumb, the full-sized wallpaper will be loaded. Tap the download&save button in the bottom will save the wallpaper to the camera roll after the download complete. Or Tap the action button to share the wallpaper.
Changes: Fix issues

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