CandidMarkets 1.3

CandidMarkets 1.3

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Picking investments you dont have to look at every day.

CandidMarkets is about finding investments that deliver returns through dependable growth, not daily swings in investor sentiment. It is the most robust, easiest to use tool to value stocks and pick investments that will deliver returns with reduced risk. No financial statements. No spreadsheets. No countless conflicting metrics. See why some stocks you can buy and hold, but others you need to buy and sell at exactly the right time.

Sometimes, less is really more. No need to worry about your stocks constantly.

Heres why professional fund managers, senior business executives and serious investors use CandidMarkets:
CandidMarkets is the premiere tool for valuing and comparing any stock anywhere. Justin Steinberg, Steinberg Asset Management

This is the first App Ive seen that really tells you why certain stocks performed in the past and why other didnt. Steve Altman, International Growth Partners

CandidMarkets reinvents valuation and value investing. Anyone who invests in stocks should use this tool. Nabil El-Hage, former Finance professor at Harvard Business School

Unique Features
Value any stock, and see how future returns depends on company performance vs. swings in investor sentiment
Select the best investments for yourself based on relative return and risk
Step-by-step tutorial on what drives stock value and performance, and see for yourself why some stocks have performed better than others
Collaborate and share with your friends your valuation and analysis

$1.99 for the first month. Subscription to latest data after the first month is at $5.99 every six months, which is less than $1 a month, or $10.99 for three years.

U.S. Pat. No. 8,433,636
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