CataRevo 1.2.2

CataRevo 1.2.2

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CataRevo is an application which can create the electronic catalog using iPad.

* From this version, it became possible to try using the demonstration account.
Please try the following procedures.
- Download and install the application.
- Input the following code on authentication screen, which is displayed when application starts, and tap authentication button.
[visitor code] appdemo001
[password] appdemo9999
[terminal identifier] -- as you like

You can perform a presentation anytime, anywhere.
Paper media, such as tons of fliers and catalog booklets, are
electronized, and be taken into this application.
Moreover, you can manage those contents by tagging and making arbitrary
favorite groups, and search them easily.

Since catalog data is managed on a cloud server, they can be operated
from a WEB browser.
You can add or substitute data without installing management tool for
exclusive use.

[The main functions]
- Classification contents by two layer categories
- Thumbnail picture list display
- Expansion / reduction of a picture
- Favorite group management
- Keyword addition / search
- Print pictures ("Air Print" is needed)
- Browsing "pickup" images or movies

You need to make an account before using this application.
if you are interested in this application, please contact us below.