Cebuano Traveller's Phrases 1

Cebuano Traveller's Phrases 1

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Cebuano Traveller's Phrases

Teach yourself Cebuano terms and phrases.


Easy to use FLASH CARD format - simplified format allows for easy learning

Features 21 topics with 400 terms and phrases suitable for travellers or anyone interested in learning basic Cebuano language.

TOPICS covered include:

-Short commands
-Basic terms
-Days & times
-Navigation terms
-Emergency terms
-Food & drink
-Hygiene terms
-Medical terms
-Human body terms
-Directions & lodging
-Family & relatives

This tutorial focuses on spoken Cebuano.

Simply touch each term or phrase to hear the term or phrase spoken in English and Cebuano. The Cebuano translation is repeated twice (the second time more slowly) to help students understand the pronunciation of each term or phrase.

All topics are accessible from the main menu (drag the scrolling menu bar up or down to view all the topics. The scrolling menu bar is located to the right of the menu screen). There are also "next", "back" and "home" buttons to assist users to navigate between terms and phrases.

PLEASE NOTE: This app is designed to be viewed in PORTRAIT mode only (do not use landscape mode).

Learn Cebuano terms and phrases with this easy to use tutorial.

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