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Capturix ScanShare 7.01.805
Share a scanner device over the network. With this application you can share any compatible scanner (TWAIN) over the network and use it also as a copy machine.
Tiff Paging 1.5
A new unique utility for those who deal with tiff files. Tiff Paging can extract the pages you want from your tiff files. Tiff Paging will merge several files into one. Besides, it can rotate, resize and crop TIFF files in batch.
TiffCombine 1.5
The most user-friendly tool to combine TIFF files. Tiff Combine combines several pages into one tiff file in seconds. It is easy-to-use due to transparent interface. You can combine selected TIFF files or Tiff files within folders.

CImg 1.5.4 Beta 1.0

CImg 1.5.4 Beta 1.0

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CImg is an open source C++ toolkit for image processing. CImg provides simple classes and functions to load, save, process and display images in your own C++ code. CImg consists only of a single header file CImg.h that must be included in your C++ program source.

CImg contains useful image processing algorithms for image loading/saving, displaying, resizing/rotating, filtering, object drawing (text, lines, faces, curves, ellipses, 3D objects, ..), etc...

The main image class can represent images up to 4-dimension wide (x,y,z,v) (from 1-D scalar signals to 3-D multi-channel volumes), with template pixel types.

CImgdepends on a minimal number of libraries : you can compile it only with standard C++ libraries. No need for exotic libraries and complex dependencies.

Additional features appear with the use of ImageMagick, libpng, libjpeg or XMedCon. Install the ImageMagick package or link your code with libpng and libjpeg to be able to load and save standard compressed image formats (GIF,BMP,TIF,JPG,PNG,...).

Install the XMedCon package to be able to read DICOM medical image files. All these extra-tools are available for any platforms.

CImg stands for "Cool Image" : It is easy to use and efficient. It's like a STL for image processing !

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