Circles+ for Facebook Lite 1.2

Circles+ for Facebook Lite 1.2

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Do you love the functionality of Google+ but wish you could use it with your Facebook account? Now you can with Circles+ for Facebook!

Circles+ integrates Circle functionality such as dragging and dropping friends into Circles, posting to Circles so that your post will only be visible to certain friends, and managing Circles. This, added to the most versatile Facebook Feed options available anywhere, gives you the very best Facebook experience possible. And Circles+ is a Universal App, so you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


- Add friends to Circles by simply dragging and dropping them into the Circle. No clunky menus!

- Completely customize your Facebook Feed. Modify the font, font size, and font color of any part of your feed. Plus, you can even change the background color and the way comments look!

- Easily add and delete Circles as well as manage the members of each Circle.

- When posting to your Facebook Feed you can choose to post to as many Circles as you would like (this feature requires iOS 5 or greater).

- Every Feed aspect that you could hope for is at your fingertips, with the added bonus of Circle functionality!

- Use Swipe Gestures or Buttons to easily navigate through Circles+

- Compatible with iOS 5.

- Circles+ is a Universal App, so it can be used on you iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

** Developer Tips **

1) Your feed can be refreshed by pulling down and then releasing it.

2) An Asterisk or the letters "SC" indicate that the Circle you are viewing is a Smart Circle. They are denoted differently because the number of members may not be correct, but posting to the Circle will work fine.

3) When adding friends to Circles, dots will appear next to your friends to indicate which Circles they are in.

4) When adding friends to Circles, if you touch a friend's icon, then the Circles that they are in will light up.

5) You can remove friends from Circles in the 'add or delete circles' menu.

6) The Feed is meant to be customized to your liking. Make sure to check out the Feed options in the top right corner of the Feed.

7) When posting to your wall, if you don't select any Circles to post to then your post will be visible to all of your friends.

8) If you have firmware iOS 5 or later then you can select more than one Circle when you are choosing the Circles who can view your post.

9) Try using Gestures on every screen since many of them implement Gesture functionality like swiping.

10) Every part of Circles+ has a 'Menu' button in the top left corner so that you can quickly access other parts of Circles+
Changes: This version fixes an issue interfacing with Facebook that was in version 1.1

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