Classic Furniture: From the Middle Ages to the Colonies 1.0.2

Classic Furniture: From the Middle Ages to the Colonies 1.0.2

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Classic Furniture: From the Middle Ages to the Colonies offers more than 40 books with thousands of images in four curated collections. The app features selections from the French and Italian court, the collectible English standards, a brief look at the style of the American colonies, and a technical study of the craft and method used in these masterpieces. Historians, designers and woodworkers alike are all invited to relax in the comforts of the past.

App Features:

High Resolution Images: View books, images and documents in high resolution. You can easily zoom in to see the smallest details. You may even see library marks within the books, just as you would if you held the book in real life.

Offline Bookshelf: Download the books for easy reading, anytime.

All artifacts within this app are available only in English.

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