Clips 3D for iMovie 1.0

Clips 3D for iMovie 1.0

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Get 20 3D Motion-Graphics HD clips to make your video projects come alive! Amazing for title backgrounds, transitions, or eye-candy fun! Boost your video editing & blow your friends away with awesome 3D Motion Graphics. All royalty free!

Clips 3D screens and saves selected clips to your camera roll for further use as video clips, for those who use Apple's iMovie, or a similar iOS video editing application.

720P HD 30fps 3D Motion-Graphics
Cinematic Audio on each clip
30 second maximum clip durations
iMovie compatible for editing
Great cost value

Our very first review is just in from the United Kingdom App Store:
Awesome - 5 STARS!
by Coolcon10 - Version 1.0 - Aug 30, 2013

This is an amazing app well worth 2.49 looking forward to seeing more intros in the next update.
Thanks Coolcon10 - glad you liked it!

User License grants royalty free use of video clips in your original video compositions, but prohibits redistributed as a library or collection.

A 36 clip version of this app is available for OSX, on the Mac App Store. More clips, higher quality, and you can drag & drop from the Mac app into iMovie or Final Cut Pro X events.

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