Clueme - Science Trivia 1.0

Clueme - Science Trivia 1.0

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ClueMe - Science Trivia

Clueme Science Trivia is for kids and teens for all ages who like Science. It is challenging and fun Trivia (Word Game like Who am I? or What am I ?) game for iPhone & iPad that kids can play themselves or with family and friends.
This Edition helps kids learn,revise and test their Science Concepts and Facts.Clueme provides hours or fun and challenge for all kids of all ages and they learn new things while they play.
The iPad can be used in Classes to help kinds learn and reinforce Science concepts or can be used to test kids grasp on Science.

Grade 1 to 6 Science Concepts
The game comes loaded a number of Science Trivia from Level1 to Level6 corresponding to Grade 1 to 6 concepts. Each packs has about 50 Trivia questions that total of 300 Science Cluemes.

Game Play
The goal of the game is to find out the answer (can be one or two word long) for the puzzle before the time runs out.
Each trivia has 5 clues. The game can be played in Easy, Medium and Hard levels.
Multiple profiles (Avatar) can be created. The score and rank for the Avatar is tracked separately.
Each level provides a different difficulty, time allowed and answer attempts to solve the trivia.
Once the trivia is solved or the user asks for show answer, that trivia is marked done and will not show again for the same user.

The user can choose their own Avatar.There is more than 200 Avatars available to choose for male or female players.
The game provides features to add, delete and reset Avatar's. On resetting the a Avatar, all the score and accumulated helpers reset to 0 along with all the played trivia are reset as well.

Designed by : Livrona Studios
We hope you would like it, your feedback about the game is much appreciated.Keep tuned, more features in next version. Users can request more features, issues and feedback also at

Visit us at for more details.
ClueMe - Team

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