Coin Catcher Lite 1.0

Coin Catcher Lite 1.0

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A fun game about money from PlayMoolah! Kids learn about coins, needs vs. wants, with unique gameplay that puts both dexterity and memory to the test.

The evil stealer has stolen all the treasure.. and even the princess!

Tilt your iPad to help the coin catcher collect back his treasures! Dash through 10 exciting levels to save the princess. Beware of the tricks that are thrown in your way, and only catch what you need! To be successful, you'll need to be smart, savvy, and demonstrate your muscle strength in balancing your iPad!

Catching money has never been this fun!

+ Unique accelerometer-based movement control for the iPad
+ Easy and engaging collection game for kids
+ Complete 10 exciting levels
+ Captivating story and cutscene parodies
+ Great sound effects and music
+ Fun way to learn about money, coins, needs vs. wants
+ Adorable characters

More info about Coin Catcher:

Brought to you by PlayMoolah, the FUN way for kids to master their money.

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