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ColorSchemer Studio for Mac OS X 2.0.1

ColorSchemer Studio for Mac OS X 2.0.1

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Publisher: ColorSchemer
License: Shareware
Size: 2.3 MB
Date added: 2012-12-19
Downloads: 2
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $49.99

ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a professional color-matching application that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily. Use ColorSchemer Studio to identify color harmonies for the web (RGB) or print (CMYK), create palettes from photos, search thousands of existing color schemes, mix colors, create gradient blends, and much more!


Create and save color palettes:
TE Select a starting color and ColorSchemer Studio does the rest. Save your color schemes to build your own color palette library, ready to use for any project.

Identify color harmonies:
TE Use the dynamic color wheel to identify color harmonies and matching colors based around any starting color. It even spins like a real-life artist color wheel!

Access thousands of pre-made color schemes:
TE Connect to the online ColorSchemer Gallery community to browse, search, and download thousands of user-created color schemes without ever leaving the program.

Pull unique palettes from photos or images:
TE Use the PhotoSchemer tool to build unique color schemes based on any picture, image or photograph. Just drop an image onto the program and let the PhotoSchemer do the rest!

Build custom LiveScheme formulas:
TE Visually create custom LiveScheme formulas based on color theory, or your own imagination. You can even reverse-engineer and rotate existing color schemes with a simple drag & drop. The possibilities are limitless!

Transform a single color into a complete color scheme:
TE Apply the built-in LiveSchemes - custom color relationships that you define - to instantly turn any starting color into a ready-to-use color scheme.

Mix colors and create gradient blends:
TE Use the built-in Color Mixer to create a single mixed color or a gradient path between two colors.

Find similar or related colors:
TE Use the Variations palette to find colors that are similar or related to any starting base color.

Preview colors on a variety of layouts:
TE Experiment with color scheme ideas in a variety of different settings, including website, blog, print and pattern layouts.

Analyze contrast, readability, and accessibility:
TE Use the Contrast Analyzer to check text and background color combinations for sufficient contrast and readability, based on W3C, WCAG, or HP accessibility recommendations.

Work with RGB and CMYK colors in a color-managed environment:
TE Work with color more accurately and efficiently with built-in color management and color profile support.

View colors through colorblind eyes:
TE Use the Color Blindness Simulation to see what your color schemes will look like to users with any one of 8 different types of color deficient vision.

Print your color schemes:
TE Use the built-in Print utility to print your color schemes. Great for making hard-copy reference sheets or showing to clients.

Use the Import Wizard to import colors into ColorSchemer Studio from a number of different sources, including:
TE Any web site or style sheet
TE GIF images
TE Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)
TE Photoshop Color Palettes (.aco)
TE Color Table files (.act)
TE XML files (.xml)

Use the Export Wizard to export your color schemes to a number of popular applications and formats:
TE HTML color chart
TE CSS style sheet
TE GIF image
TE PNG image
TE Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase)
TE Photoshop Color Palette (.aco)
TE Illustrator Color Palette (.ai)
TE Macromedia FreeHand/Adobe FrameMaker
TE Corel Painter Color Set
TE Color Table file (.act)
TE XML file (.xml)

OS: Mac OS X
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