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Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV version 2.05
Protea AntiVirus Tools for Lotus Notes/Domino automatically scans/cleans the message body, attached files, rich text fields and OLE objects in Domino mail, keeps Domino bases virus-free.
RegRun Security Suite Platinum
RegRun Security Suite includes 24 system utilities for protecting a PC against Rootkits/Trojans/Adware/Spyware/browser redirecting/hijacking. It increases the speed of Windows boot-up process, making the computer management easier.
MultiCore AntiVirus&AntiSpyware 2.0000.00021
A new unique product runs antivirus and antispyware scan-engines provided by FRISK Software International, Norman ASA, Lavasoft AB and Sunbelt Software Inc. simultaneously, in parallel, and without performance degradation.

Comodo Cloud Scanner 1.0.135930.9

Comodo Cloud Scanner 1.0.135930.9

(512k): 03 m 03 s
(1Mb): 01 m 32 s
(2Mb): 46 s
(5Mb): 19 s
(10Mb): 10 s

Comodo Cloud Scanner (CCS) is an easy to use tool that quickly and accurately identifies malware, viruses, suspicious processes and other problems with your computer. It harnesses all the scanning power of Comodo Internet Security and Comodo System Cleaner and packages them inside a lightweight and sleek desktop interface. What's more, instead of using your computers processing power to run a scan, CCS connects to Comodo's powerful online servers and gets them to do all the hard work instead. Put simply, there's never been an easier or more accurate way to diagnose potential problems on your PC. Comodo Cloud Scanner Features- Identifies viruses, hidden processes, registry errors, privacy concerns and junk files.

- Scans run straight from our cloud servers so you don't have to install multiple programs
- Fast, extremely accurate and very light on system resources
- Real time connection to Comodo's servers means your system is tested against the very latest signature database
- Includes free, no hassle, 30 day trial for LivePCSupport

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