Concentration - The Attention Trainer HD 1.4

Concentration - The Attention Trainer HD 1.4

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Now preschool and elementary school children can train and develop their concentration in a playful way on the iPad. Puzzles are pieced together in exciting and diverse games that are enticing, helpful for spotting learning issues and much more.


Those who are already good at concentrating will be able to learn more quickly. With Concentration The Attention Trainer your child will improve his or her concentration capabilities in a playful manner. The content of the app was developed with input from the Society for Brain Training in Hamburg. In this game your child can practice without performance pressure or test oneself in a 3-minute training.


Similar to the award-winning game series Successfully Learning from Tivola, having fun playing the game is always the top priority: with this app your child can train his or her concentration capabilities in a targeted manner using 20 different task types. Many tasks are available to choose from in which something must be carefully observed such as Watch carefully or Which are alike?, memory exercises in which steadily lengthening sequences are repeated or number puzzles such as Find the numbers or Listen to the numbers. The level of difficulty (in total 10 levels) adjusts according to performance.


In training, achieved goals are saved after the fact so that progress can be viewed. Your child is additionally motivated by stickers, which can be collected as rewards and included in a small album.


- Increase concentration capability while having fun playing
- For preschool and elementary school children
- Developed under supervision from the Society for Brain Training in Hamburg
- Practice without the pressure of being timed or test concentration in 3-minute training sessions
- Real long-term fun with levels of difficulty that adjust automatically
- No reading skills necessary thanks to continuous audio commands
- Playable in German and English
- Also available for iPhone/iPod


"The app is easy to use and challenging for kids. It helps children to improve their skills with different levels of difficulty." (


If you have questions or problems related to the app, please contact per email.
Changes: We've been busy tinkering around and are presenting eight new exercises to build your children's concentration skills. You can simply unlock the in-app in the main menu.

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