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Contact Plus Professional v3.5

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Contact Plus Professional is a multi-user professional contact manager and sales management tool designed for offices and networks. With Contact Plus Professional you can keep track of customers in one database and prospects in another. In addition to the general contact information, you can define your own data fields, and keep unlimited free-form notes. The program automatically creates a complete history of your interaction with each contact. Detailed information about the phone calls, e-mail sent, letters sent, or notes taken are all instantly available. You can also set alarms, and schedule and track future events for follow-up.You can also create groupings of contacts based upon your criteria. For example, you can filter your contacts to see just those who have done business with you in the past week, or who haven't done business with you in the last month. You can easily send them all a letter, transfer them to a new database, or check for duplicates between databases.The Electronic Marketing and Mailing Assistant, or EMMA, is used to easily schedule a series of events for a contact or group of contacts, anchored to a certain date. For example, you can plan two phone calls, a letter, and an e-mail, separated by a number of days. Then pick a date, and EMMA assigns that plan to the filtered contacts. As the date approaches, you could easily execute the series of planned events. If you need a quick look at your daily calendar, Contact Plus Professional displays color-coded events in easy-to-use formats, viewable by day, week, month or multiple months. Calendar views are easily printed for a handy paper reference. With the convenient drag-and-drop feature, you can easily reschedule events by dragging them to a different date or time.The view events screen provides a powerful way to view all your events, past or future, done or not done. It quickly lets you select events based on event type, date, status or user ID, with an easy-to-use interface.You can use the built-in word processor or Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect to create personalized letters. You can use templates to design just the right kind of letter for the situation, whether sales, or contracts. Contact information as well as graphics can be automatically inserted into the letter. You can also use e-mail templates to send broadcast e-mails to contacts regularly. Mailing lists can be imported into Contact Plus using any standard database file (e.g. ASCII, dBASE, Paradox).When used by coworkers on a network, Contact Plus Professional makes sharing data and ideas with your coworkers easy. Simultaneous database access gives you the information you need when you need it. The features include Interoffice Mail option, While You Were Gone phone message function, In/Out Board, broadcast messaging that lets you send urgent messages immediately to everyone logged in, conference room and equipment scheduling, and more.Contact Plus Professional integrates with Financial Freedom Inventory Pro 98. In addition, a number of plug-ins are available that add a variety of features to Contact Plus Professional. These plug-ins include: Smart Merge Pro, Label Plus Pro, Report Plus Pro, Event Plus Pro, Archive Plus Pro, Map Plus Pro, and Fax Plus Pro. Contact Plus Professional is available as a single user version, or in network versions.

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