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ArtCursors 5.25
ArtCursors allows you to edit static and animated cursors in color depths up to 32-bit True Color. You also can search files and folders for cursors, import and export cursor images and create cursor libraries for better and more efficient storage.
Sib Cursor Editor 3.13
Sib Cursor Editor is a power-packed means for creating images of cursors of your own. You'll be able to create and edit static/animated cursors. A multitude of special effects will give cursors as much eye-candy as you wish!

Coptic Fonts 1.0

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The Coptic language is the final stage of the development of the ancient Egyptian language (Hieroglyphic > Hieratic > Demotic and finally Coptic). This language is very important as the oldest Matthew's bible is in the Coptic language and huge amount of Christian literature as well. The language is actively used as the main language of prayers, liturgies and all Coptic Christian ceremonies and is used as a second language for most Christians of Egypt. However, only few people speak this language fluently. Unfortunately there is no operating system that supports this language; therefore, Coptic Fonts 1.0 is a must have for all Coptics, Egyptologists and people who are interested on studying the early Christian literature and ancient Bible manuscripts. The Coptic Fonts Standardization project aims at defining a standard keyboard layout for the Coptic letters and symbols. By installing this program, Coptic fonts will be added to your fonts' directory and Microsoft Word Templates so you will be able to read the Coptic characters and symbols from within Microsoft Word and any program that allows you to select the CS (Coptic Standard) fonts as your typing or reading font. The program has additional characters from all of the Coptic dialects such as Bohairic, Sahidic, Achmimmic and Fayomic. In case you have other Coptic fonts installed on your computer but you need to migrate your documents to the CS fonts, just go to the developer's website which offers an online conversion tool. A detailed PDF document that explains how to use the Coptic fonts and how to develop fonts based on the Coptic Fonts Standardization project is included.

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