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Archive Manager - Datacenter 3.28
Archive Manager is a one of a kind file archiving solution for network shares. You get all the features you'd expect, but there's no database, just NTFS from start to finish. It is the fastest and most reliable archiving software ever.
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery 3.2
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an efficient and reliable utility to repair corrupt Oracle databases created in Oracle 9i, 10g, or 11g. The tool recovers Oracle database objects by repairing .DBF files and shows the preview of recoverable objects.
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery 5.0
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery efficiently repairs Exchange databases (.EDB files) to recover precious user mailboxes. The software scans your EDB file to extract data of each user mailbox and save it as an equivalent Outlook PST file.

Copy File Name 2.0

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Copy File Name 2.0 is a another small application from Bullzip , Its function is to show information regarding any file on your computer that can be useful for programmer and developers such as the file's full path, The regular file name, The DOS version of the file's full path ( short path) suitable for command line usage or windows batch files, The local explorer URL ( to access the explorer or run menu ) is also available for copying and the intranet URL ( to access the file using Internet Explorer or any browser across the network if shared). Another very useful feature of this small program is that it can generate all the above 6 paths in the C/C++ format so you can include it inside your C/C++ code. The method of use is really easy just download the program then Install the program to your computer using the wizard setup, right click on any file on your computer then it will display a small window displaying the file name , file path , short path , URL , UNC , UNC URL just select any option from them with a single click and it will be copied automatically to your windows clipboard and Now you can paste the copied text to any place you would like.

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Copy FullPath Name 1.0 -  Copy FullPath name is shell extension which adds ‘Copy Path’ and ‘Copy Name’ to context menu on Windows explorer. ... (3/0) download
Instant File Name Search 1.7.5 -  Instant File Name Search is a freeware tool for instant searches. Find files by name, part of name or wildcards (*.doc, photo??.jpg, *shrek*.avi etc.) on your PC or LAN. It is easy to use and useful software for Windows. ... (34/0) download
File Name Replacement Utility 1.0 -  The File Name Replacement Utility works in a similar fashion to the replace feature of a word processor. It allows you to select groups of files and replace characters in the file names with other characters. ... (5/0) download
BitCopy by MollieSoft -  ** File copy program for Windows; control files using AND/OR/NOT filter expressions containing file name/path/date/size. ** Try It! mode. ** Verify files after copying. ** Use schedules to run copy jobs automatically daily/weekly/monthly. ... (47/0) download
DDFileCatcher 2.5019 -  Copy Windows file names and over 280 file properties,to the Clipboard, and into Microsoft Word tables and Excel spreadsheets, XML, CSV or tab-delimited disk files. DDFileCatcher catches files, shortcuts or folders dropped onto it from programs such ... (41/0) download
ClipWatcher v2.5.2 -  ClipWatcher is a Clipboard monitor designed to copy and store any URL, email address, or file name for later use. ClipWatcher helps you manage multiple URLs, e-mail addresses, and file names after you copy them to the Windows Clipboard. ... (23/0) download
Lammer Context Menu 1.0 -  This is an extension for Microsoft Windows Explorer with handy features like: copy path (full path, file name, file Url, UNC path), explore here, command prompt, path operations (move, copy, delete ... (5/0) download
File Properties Changer 1.17 -  File Properties Changer is an application designed to change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file. Program can set the date and time that a file was created, last accessed, or last modified. File ... (503/0) download
PicRename -  The smart renamer for your digital pictures. Generate unique file names for your thousands of jpg files which will allow you to copy them to the same directory without file name conflicts. ... (79/0) download
VX Search Pro 10.4.16 -  VX Search Pro is an automated, rule-based file search solution capable of searching files by the file type, category, extension, file name, location, size, creation, modification and last access dates, user, file attributes, JPEG EXIF tags, etc. ... (450/0) download