Crusaders of Might and Magic v1.3

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Crusaders of Might and Magic is a role-playing action adventure following a loner swept up in the midst of a new Crusade. Drake stands before the entrance to Ardon's legendary catacombs. For generations these halls have been locked in an effort to contain their vile inhabitants: The Legion of the Fallen. The undead hordes of the Legion recently burst forth from the catacombs and overtook the Stronghold, Ardon's central military outpost. Whoever controls the Stronghold controls the only road between Western and Eastern Ardon. Supply and trade routes between the Human and Dwarven communities have been severed, and the Legion is becoming a very real threat to the surrounding communities. Enter Drake, a mercenary who's driven by his contempt for the Legion. The Horn of Shattering, the one artifact that can bring down the Stronghold's gates, needs to be retrieved from the Dwarves of Corantha. The only way to Corantha, unfortunately, is through the catacombs... Drake unsheathes his sword and prepares for the greatest challenge of his life.With swords and sorcery, you must fight your way through 5 distinct realms. From the spires of the Citadel to the murky depths of Duskwood, you will run, jump, duck, fight and cast spells as you become ever more powerful and experienced. Action-packed hand-to-hand combat with a wide variety of fearsome weapons and digital 3-D surround sound put you in the thick of the action until you eventually challenge the leader of the dead army yourself.

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