Daily Horoscope + PRO 1.2

Daily Horoscope + PRO 1.2

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Horoscopes on Demand!

Daily Horoscope Plus is one of the best
horoscope applications and Voted Top App for 2013...and it just got better with the release of our Pro Edition.

No Ads and All the Horoscope Readings
you're looking for.. Love, Finance, Career and Daily.

Daily Horoscopes PLUS *Pro* edition
is one of the most comprehensive horoscope apps on the market is PACKED with features.

Everything you need to obtain the
guidance you're looking for in
ALL ASPECTS of your life!

Forget out-of-date, unreliable Horoscopes,
Daily Horoscope + contains All New & Fresh readings!


- Get the most up-to-date, compelling
and accurate readings on a daily basis.
Plan your day and receive guidance on
issues in your life!

- Plan your week and gain insight on
what the future holds for you with
weekly outlooks.

- Peer even deeper into your future and
gain the insight your looking for on key
issues coming up in your life. Our
monthly astrological readings will help empower you.

- Daily Horoscope Plus is the ONLY
Horoscope App that provides readings
for ALL Aspects of your Life including
readings for all of the following..

-> Your Love Life Horoscope
-> Your Financial Horoscope
-> Your Fashion Horoscope
-> Your Business Horoscope
-> Your Career Horoscope

...and yes, their all updated daily
with the most accurate, fresh and compelling readings ANYWHERE!

Download Daily Horoscope Plus NOW
..it's the only Horoscope App you'll need!

5 Star Reviews

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fingerprint scanning and fortune telling functionality.

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