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Software License Tracker Pro 2.9
Software License Tracker Pro is a flexible software license management system for Windows users.
IMM Conversion 6.05
Now users can easily get IMM Conversion to PST, MBOX and EML with the help of IncrediMail IMM Converter Tool. The Software would assist users to Convert IMM Emails to PST, MBOX and EML with accurate manner.
Super Prize Wheel 2.1.2
Retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows, parties and games are a perfect place to use a prize wheel. With the fun environment it brings to the event, it is a sure way to keep the atmosphere fun and exciting.

Dataplore 2.2

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This universal software package for the analysis of signals and time series data of any kindwas developed in cooperation with different research institutes. Possible fields of application include the analysis of biological and physiological systems, mechanical vibrations, electromagnetic signals, epidemiological studies, time series in geology, financial management, economy and many others. All necessary standard features of signal array processing are also provided. Main features: -Serial interface to Philips Medical Systems (formerly Agilent) CMS devices (patient monitors) - see DataploreCMS improved and extended graphical user environment (e.g. setting of markers) -Complex signals, two-dimensional signals and 3D-plots -Macro programming and batch mode operation -Time-frequency spectra and isoline plots -Adjustable filters and estimation features -Statistical tests and regression methods -ARMA-, ARIMA-, ARMAX- and NARMA modeling -Tools for coupling analysis of complex systems -Methods for analysing instationary processes and time series -Multi-threading and job control -Fitting of numerous mathematical functions to given data sets -medicine (e.g. EEG and ECG analysis, computer-aided diagnosis) -biology and physiology (e.g. analysis of rhythms, circulation research) -electrical engineering (e.g. DSP, speech processing, system identification, pattern recognition) -mechanical engineering (e.g. analysis of vibrations) -geography and oceanography (e.g. analysis of seismographic data, earthquake research) -meteorology (e.g. climate studies) -finance and economy (e.g. stock price analysis and prediction) -health (e.g. epidemiological studies) -Histogram plots and 2D or 3D delay and phase plots of signals -Evaluation of signal statistics (mean, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, modes, median, linear regression coefficients etc.), central moments and various statistical tests -Signal manipulation (subsampling, DC removal, linear compensation) -Generation of surrogate data and noise signals (fractal, Gaussian, Poisson etc.) -Arithmetic operations and mathematical functions (sin, cos, exp, sinh, , log, asin, erf etc.) -Analytical operations (time derivative, integration, autocorrelation, cross correlation, instantaneous analytical phase, Hilbert transformation) -Fourier transformation (amplitude, power and phase spectrum with optional windowing, cross spectrum, chirp-z transformation, cepstrum, coherence etc.) -Linear filters (FIR filters, IIR filters, frequency domain filters) -Wavelet transforms (decomposition and reconstruction with orthogonal and biorthogonal wavelets, approximation and detail calculation) -Methods of nonlinear dynamics (recurrence plots, peak-to-peak intervals, correlation integral and dimension, global and local Lyapunov exponents, global and local transinformation of two time series etc.) -Advanced noise reduction methods (wavelet shrinking and nonlinear noise reduction techniques) -All standard options (like file I/O, printing capabilities etc.) -Support of various file formats (Dataplore binary and ASCII formats, MegaWave, WAVE audio files, ASCII raw data) -Signal handling (mouse-supported clipping, editing of signal properties)