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Archive Manager - Datacenter 3.28
Archive Manager is a one of a kind file archiving solution for network shares. You get all the features you'd expect, but there's no database, just NTFS from start to finish. It is the fastest and most reliable archiving software ever.
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery 3.2
Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an efficient and reliable utility to repair corrupt Oracle databases created in Oracle 9i, 10g, or 11g. The tool recovers Oracle database objects by repairing .DBF files and shows the preview of recoverable objects.
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery 5.0
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery efficiently repairs Exchange databases (.EDB files) to recover precious user mailboxes. The software scans your EDB file to extract data of each user mailbox and save it as an equivalent Outlook PST file.

DefragMyDrives 7.0

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DefragMyDrives is an easy-to-use maintenance tool that allows you to tune-up your hard disks. It physically reorganizes all the files contiguously on your hard drives, putting all the available free space together for new incoming files. It is important to close all the running applications before starting the defragmentation process of your hard drives because all the files being used by other programs could be skipped. Also it’s important to have at least 10% of free space on the disk for moving all the fragmented files and performing a better defragmentation. The process is easy and requires just a few clicks. First, you need to carry out a scanning process, which is performed very fast: In the main window, within the System Drives frame, you can select which drives you would like to scan. After the scanning process you will be able to check in the Scan summary frame the fragmented files found, including a bar showing the drives' health. Clicking on the Fix drives button will start the defragmentation process. The only disadvantage I have found is that DefragMyDrives is only available for 32-bit versions of Windows.