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Leonardo da Vinci Wallpapers 1.0
Bring Leonardo da Vinci art to your computer desktop! Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian High Renaissance painter and scientist, an all-round genius whose paintings and inventions changed the world...
Active Wallpaper Changer 3.80
Tired of boring desktop wallpaper? Would you like an adjustable calendar highlighting important dates on your desktop? Want to download new wallpapers from the Internet? Then Active Wallpaper Changer is for you!
Garden [AD] 5.07
"Garden" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Do you enjoy your desktop having beautiful wallpaper? Just have a look at the Animated Desktop Wallpaper "Garden"! This is a beautiful garden. You will see the a white swan and many.

Desktop Earth 3D 3.0

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Dynamic earth desktop picture. DesktopEarth 3D is a tool to visualize our planet. It uses a combination of satellite imagery and calculated data to provide real time views of the entire globe. DesktopEarth 3D features real-time cloud maps, simulated horizons and live pictures of the moon and the sun superimposed on your choice of earth map. It also calculates the sunrise, sunset and current solar elevation for any location you choose. Coupled with a 3D Globe as a screensaver, DesktopEarth 3D is both a useful educational tool and a fascinating toy.

Meyer's Butterflyfish Wallpaper matched in SoftList
GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D -  GiMeSpace Desktop Extender 3D provides a smarter way to use your desktop. It is a small and very simple program for Windows that will allow you to expand your desktop without any limits. ... (11/0) download
Beautiful Desktop Earth Wallpaper Screen Saver 6.3 -  Beautiful Desktop Earth Wallpaper ScreenSaver --- Beautiful Earth is a desktop wallpaper background generator and screen saver. --- Beautiful Earth wallpaper shows you how the Earth looks like from the space at this very moment. ... (7/0) download
Earth 3D for Unity game engine 3.02 -  Earth 3D by Unity3dx is the best Earth/Planetary shader money can buy for a real time 3d engine. It represents hundred of hours of test, and tweaks. You get more than 14 prefabs, 9 different planet scenes, 7 different shaders, scripts, and textures. ... (12/0) download
Desktop Butterflies 3D Screensaver 1.0 -  Desktop Butterflies 3D Screensaver will fill the screen of your monitor with many adorable butterflies. They'll appear right on the desktop and start to shine with vivid colors, with which nature endowed them so lavishly. ... (10/0) download
Earth 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0 -  Earth 3D Screensaver is a realistic 3D globe model. It emulates a space orbiter window. Our planet looks exactly as it is seen by astronauts. You see the blackness of outer space with sparks of stars on it. You are flying around the Earth. ... (74/0) download
Earth 3D Screensaver (CD Version) 1.0 -  Earth 3d Screensaver is a chance to look at the Earth from a space shuttle window. This screensaver is so realistic that you feel an astronaut, flying around the planet. ... (14/0) download
Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver v. 2.1 -  Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver shows many cities of the Earth as if you were in the space. It also displays information about the cities including their countries, the number of inhabitants, and the time in their time zones. ... (7/0) download
PUSH Entertainment - Desktop Flag 3D 1.2 -  Desktop Flag 3D is a program that will put an animated flag on your desktop. This program will let you change your usual static wallpaper for an animated wallpaper that will display a waving flag over an image of your choice. ... (6/0) download
Amazing Earth 3D: Dogs! 1.0 -  Amazing Earth 3D - Dogs, is an interactive globe full of our beautiful dog breeds for you to explore and learn about. *** INTRODUCTORY PRICE ***USER REVIEWS:"Amazing Earth is the reason you buy an iPad" - Medena K"Visually stunning, user friendly ... ... (5/0) download
Earth 3D Study 1.0 -  Earth 3D Study: In his study 3D digital, you will learn how it works the planet, rotation, satellites, and as they are in 3D the different concepts of the planet in the universe.Everything on this great planet, information, pictures and full 3D.... ... (5/0) download