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DJ Teddy-O By now the passionate DJ and music-producer counts to the most booked DJ's in the world and is about to release as one of the first of his kind his own iPhone APP. The APP has everything what you have to know about DJ Teddy-O. Get news and info about Teddy-Os latest tour dates, song releases, raffles, social networks, as well as links to exclusive videos among other things the video-diary, pics and music clips now on your iPhone and iPad.

Here a short overview about the App:

* News
* Dates
* Pics
* Releases
* Videos (Official Video-Clips, Video-Diary, Event-Videos, Interviews, Trailer, Productions)
* Music-Player (Official Songs, Remixes, Productions, Podcast)
* Online-Shop
* Raffles
* Social Networking

The DJ Teddy-O iPhone APP, powered by SNIPES now free in the App Store.
For more info check: &
Changes: The app stays active, when playing songs.

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