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EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK
EaseFilter File system encryption filter driver SDK provides a comprehensive solution for transparent file level encryption. It allows developers to create transparent encryption products which it can encrypt or decrypt files on-the-fly.
EaseTag Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK
File System Tiered Storage Filter Driver SDK, is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media.
Java Barcode Reader 2.0
Java Barcode Reader is a Java library which recognise and read barcode images. It Supports up to 20 1D and 2D Barcode Symbologies.

dlib C++ library 17.44

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Dlib is a general purpose cross-platform C++ library designed using contract programming and modern C++ techniques. It is open source software and licensed under the Boost Software License. The introduction contains everything you need to know to get started using the library. However, if you have any questions, comments, or complaints feel free to email me or post in the sourceforge Forums. Features: Documentation Unlike a lot of open source projects, this one provides complete and precise documentation for every class and function. There are also debugging modes that check the documented preconditions for functions. When this is enabled it will catch the vast majority of bugs caused by calling functions incorrectly or using objects in an incorrect manner. Lots of example programs are provided I consider the documentation to be the most important part of the library. So if you find anything that isn't documented, isn't clear, or has out of date documentation, tell me and I will fix it. Portable Code All non ISO C++ code is isolated inside the OS abstraction layers which are kept as small as possible. The rest of the library is either layered on top of the OS abstraction layers or is pure ISO C++. Big/little endian agnostic No other packages are required to use the library. Only APIs that are provided by an out of the box OS are needed. The library is tested regularly on win32, Linux, and Mac OS X systems. However, it should work on any POSIX system and has been tested on Solaris, HPUX, and the BSDs. Threading The library provides a portable and simple threading API A message passing pipe for inter-thread and inter-process communication A timer object capable of generating events that are regularly spaced in time Thread specific data Threaded objects Threaded functions A thread_pool with support for futures Networking The library provides a portable and simple TCP sockets API An object to help you make TCP based servers A streambuf object that enables TCP sockets to interoperate with the C++ iostreams library A simple HTTP server object you can use to embed a web server into your applications A message passing pipe for inter-thread and inter-process communication Graphical User Interfaces The library provides a portable and simple core GUI API Implemented on top of the core GUI API are numerous widgets Unlike many other GUI toolkits, the entire dlib GUI toolkit is threadsafe Numerical Algorithms A fast matrix object implemented using the expression templates technique and capable of using BLAS and LAPACK libraries when available. Numerous linear algebra and mathematical operations are defined for the matrix object such as the singular value decomposition, transpose, trig functions, etc. General purpose unconstrained non-linear optimization algorithms using the conjugate gradient, BFGS, and L-BFGS techniques Levenberg-Marquardt for solving non-linear least squares problems Box-constrained derivative-free optimization via the BOBYQA algorithm An implementation of the Optimized Cutting Plane Algorithm Several quadratic program solvers A big integer object A random number object Machine Learning Algorithms Conventional SMO based Support Vector Machines for classification and regression Reduced-rank methods for large-scale classification and regression Relevance vector machines for classification and regression General purpose multiclass classification tools A Multiclass SVM A tool for solving the optimization problem associated with structural support vector machines. An online kernel RLS regression algorithm An online SVM classification algorithm An online kernelized centroid estimator/novelty detector and offline support vector one-class classification A kernelized k-means clustering algorithm Radial Basis Function Networks Multi layer perceptrons

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