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Studio2014 professional for win 2014
Studio 2013 is consisted of the latest virtual tour creating software and panorama stitching software. It is a total virtual tour solution for building fantastic virtual tours with rich features, such as map, thumbnail, flash, audio file, etc.
Tourweaver7.80 Professional for win 7.80
Tourweaver, virtual tour software, makes virtual tour creation easier. The virtual tour can be viewed on iPhone/iPad and shared on Facebook or other channels. With the virtual tour software, you can add video, audio file, etc in your virtual tour.
Panoweaver9.00 Professional for Win 9.00
Stitch any source images into 360 panorama and display virutual tour on PC, mac and iPad/iPhone

Draw 5

Draw 5

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Draw 5 by Shortcut Software is a complete graphics editor for drawings, maps, blueprints, illustrations and web graphics.Draw 5 offers a wide range of tools for drawing even the most complex of documents, illustrations, and other graphics, to help you achieve truly professional results.

Graphical Documents - Draw 5 is an ideal tool for creating graphical documents such as greeting cards, flyers, illustrated price lists, letterheads, price tags, envelopes, greeting cards, new years' greetings, and more. This includes an advanced text tool, comprehensive barcode support, a broad range of options for printing, and you can even export to PDF format.

Illustration Tools - Draw 5 is loaded with tools for creative illustrations, logos, presentation graphics, etc. Geometric shapes, including pre-defined polygons, advanced curve editing, a variety of fill types, from ordinary solid fills to frills like fractal fills and fountain fills, customizable pen styles, object transparency, text tools, boolean operations on objects, and other advanced vector graphics tools.

Maps and Charts - Everything you need for creating floor plans, marketing diagrams, process diagrams, and more: transformations, alignment, size unification, grid with customizable density, guidelines, pen styles, and fills. Also support for verylarge documents.

New Features:
-an integrated advanced editor for editing bitmaps placed in a document, with features on par with Photo Studio Professional
-import of new bitmap formats (PSP, PSD, and RAW)
-new methods for importing bitmaps: bitmap stretching, placing, and cropping
-full-featured, built-in export of documents to PDF (more pages; fonts can be embedded; curves are preserved; wide range of settings available)
-expanded printing; includes dynamic print jobs: template-based, calendars, contact sheets, and paper saver (printing optimized to fit a given set of images into the minimum possible space)
-editing of print jobs assembled in Photo Studio 6 or 7
-detailed preview of results when exporting to a bitmap
-option to reduce DPI when printing bitmaps
-new tutorials gallery
-increased speed for Clip Art gallery, and higher-quality previews
-launching directly from Photo Studio
-new welcome dialog that helps you open and create documents right when starting Draw 5
-new sample documents

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