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DYAMAR Protector 1.3.6

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DYAMAR Protector is an advanced software protection toolkit. It helps you prevent your application from being modified, reverse-engineered, or used in any other illegitimate way. You can use it to create a wide range of protection schemes, including: file compression, protection against reverse-engineering, licensing, and providing trial versions to your customers. In addition, you can keep all the data files shipped with your application secure by using the a€sData Files Protectiona€t feature. Our software supports multi-language activation. This enables you to deploy your software in most countries and allows your end users to easily activate it. FEATURES: Activation and Licensing System Our goal is to provide you software that is intuitive and simple to use. That is why our user interface has a minimum number of components, but also gives you the flexibility to create a wide variety of licensing schemes. DYAMAR Protector allows you to create licenses with no time limit, with a limitation on the number of times the software is run, or with a time limit. Trials Periods The DYAMAR Engineering team has developed a proprietary technology that embeds trial information deep inside the operating system. This prevents trial users from resetting trial limits or changing the state of your application. With due respect to our customers, we do not provide exact details about our engine, since such information may be used by hackers. Multi-Language Activation Screen DYAMAR Protector is translated to: English The Activation Screen is available in: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian The Activation Screen is a window which is shown to the end users of your protected application. Thus, it is very important for it to be available in a wide range of languages, so your application can be easily activated by users from foreign countries. The language used for the Activation Screen is detected automatically basing on Operating System settings. See screenshots of the multi-language Activation Screen. .NET and Win32 executables support DYAMAR Protector is able to process EXE/DLL files and .NET applications. Protected DLL files show the activation user interface as well as EXE files. Therefore, if your software package consists of DLL files only, you can create trials and generate license keys for it. Anti-Debugging We use advanced and proprietary algorithms that detect any attempts to debug your application with modern tools like SoftICE, OllyDebug, etc. Monitoring Software Detection DYAMAR Protector has a feature which prevents your software from being monitored for Disk/Registry usage. Virtual Machines Detection You can choose whether or not your software can run in software or hardware virtual machine emulators. Code and Data Compression The DYAMAR engine includes a file compression feature, which allows you to reduce the size of a protected file. Data Files Protection EXE/DLL isna€™t always the target for hackers. Sometimes, users may want to modify data files shipped with your application. Those files may be videos, images, text, etc. To prevent this sort of hacking, wea€™ve added a feature that allows you to protect any data file against modification. Anti-Anti-Virus The Portable Executable (PE) file structure is modified by DYAMAR Protector, and a lot of metamorphic code is added. This could result in users getting false alarms from their anti-virus software. To prevent this, we added a feature that allows a user to avoid these false alarms. Metamorphic Engine All files and code generated by our protection engine are unique. Thus, two protected applications will not be equal. That prevents hackers from creating automatic patching tools. Additional Information This article contains a description of only the most important features you should know before using our software. We keep

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