Easy Download Manager 2.7

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It runs as default download manager. HTTP and HTTPS protocols of Internet are supported. Get and post methods of HTTP are supported. Cookie, disposition, referer, etc. headers of HTTP are supported. Changing the download sequence of the files in the list. Concurrent connections are supported (up to 16, 4 files * 4 segments). Context-sensitive and documental help information. Crash, power outage, reset, etc. generally do not affect the file integrity. Creating the directory structure of the file after download. Detecting the resume capability of the Internet server. Eliminating the duplicates of the files in the list. Equating the last modified time of the file after download. Finding the specified text within the list. Fitting into the 640 by 480 screen resolution. Going to the status area of the task bar when window minimized. Highlighting, ordering, sizing, and sorting the columns of the list. Informing if the file previously downloaded. Large files can be downloaded (up to 64 GB). Low disk usage using disk cache. Previewing the file before end of download. Relative time left estimation of downloading and waiting files. Resume is supported after disconnect. Total number, total size, total speed, and total time left indicators. User name and password of Internet file are supported.

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