Electricity Electronics Magnetism 1.0

Electricity Electronics Magnetism 1.0

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Hx Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism: This encyclopedia is about the discovery of three phenomena that have evolved the way we live and without which many of the benefits and amenities of today did not exist, will learn from their discovery, scientists, and how this tool has been used now and in history
Also this information, pictures and information works great horizontally and vertically position.

This encyclopedic of Hx Electricity, Electronics, Magnetism digital studio can be used for university, college, or within the family and extend our knowledge.
-You can learn and study in the Encyclopedia topics like Nicolaus Copernicus,
Early Life, Commentariolus, Heliocentrism, Heavenly Spheres
Monetae cudendae, Copernican Revolution, Time etc, and much more ...

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