Electron Charge 1.0.1

Electron Charge 1.0.1

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Publisher: Kellett Bridge
License: Shareware
Size: 1.5 MB
Date added: 2014-08-24
Downloads: 6
Downloads - Last week: 0
Price: $1.99

A puzzle maze formed from circuit board fragments. Navigate your negatively charged Electrons across the conductive tracks to reach the positive terminal. Complete each challenge by navigating sufficient Electrons to fill the charge meter. Think quickly as the fragments forming the electrical maze continuously reconfigure themselves ... your onward path is not available for long!

As the levels progress compete against positively charged Positrons controlled by the device which block your path or move to annihilate you. Battle against more challenging maze configurations and faster more frustrating Positrons.

Tap your Electrons to select them and then tap the destination tile fragment to move them. Take control of multiple Electrons, moving them as far as the conductive tracks allow before they are eliminated from the maze. You can move any distance - your path just needs to be electrically continuous and free from Positrons. Tap the positive terminal to get your Electrons home.

Your Electrons are light and can move any distance through the maze, speed is your greatest asset. The Positrons are heavy and move more slowly. Some Positrons are eliminated if the circuit fragment they are on becomes electrically isolated but as the levels progress they do not. They also become faster not only searching for stray Electrons but also by heading for the Positive Terminal, cancelling out any charge you may have accumulated. You may even encounter invisible Positrons!

The maze reconfigures regularly but with each new random configuration you can shake your iPod or iPhone to quickly reconfigure again. Great if your way to the terminal is suddenly blocked or if a rogue Positron gets too close! Just watch for the shake icon but be careful - you might not be so happy with the result!

Progress through 25 levels of electric tracks in a quirky geeky spin on maze puzzles.

- Regular and random tile configurations
- Control several Electrons at once
- Compete against device-controlled Positrons
- Some Positrons disappear when isolated, many do not
- Shake the device when you can to quickly reconfigure the maze
- View a catalogue of all your completed levels so you can play any level again
- Your highest level and current level saved between games
- Beat the invisible Positrons

Changes: v1.0.1 is more stable and shares code with other KellettBridge apps

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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Electron Charge (Tablet Edition) 1.0.0 -  A puzzle maze formed from circuit board fragments. This is the 'big brother' variant of our game for the iPhone, increasing the games grid from 5x5 to 11x11 tiles. Its a bigger challenge, with more playing pieces and more frequent board ... ... (3/0) download
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